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Momentum Beverages and Momentum Home ranges:

Drawing on our vast experience and networks in the Australian wine industry, and our excellent reputation with suppliers, Momentum also has access to a wide range of high quality food and beverages for export purposes. All our Australian-sourced products meet our strict quality standards and are delivered efficiently and safely using exporting expertise built up over many decades.

Australia has an excellent reputation for safe, high quality food and is particularly appealing to buyers looking to take advantage of the variety of counter-seasonal supply. We have relationships with some of the best producers of Australia’s finest food and beverages.

With a name like Momentum, it’s no wonder we never stand still. Our business is full of energy to always expand and move forward. There is no end to the range of food and beverages we can provide, to match the exact requirements of our customers.

Some of the products available include:

  • Craft Beer
  • Manuka
  • Honey
  • Alpaca Quilts


Craft Beer

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     Handmade from the finest selection of malt, hops and yeast to produce beers of exceptional taste and quality

     Jetty Road add NO chemicals or preservatives to their beers

     Located in the Mornington Penisular on Australia's pristine coast line

     For more information click "read more" to go to www.jettyroad.com.au

    Read more


Manuka and Honey

Honey Group

Kangaroo Island –Oldest bee sanctuary in the world, the pristine wildness of Kangaroo Island is the only area in the world where pure Ligurian bees are known to exist. Three hives were brought to the island in 1884 and their descendants now produce superb honeys from flowering eucalypts and other flora. Due to the isolation of this island, these bees have remained disease free. This allows us to produce one of the world’s highest quality honey.

Golden Bounty KI honey is packed with Premium 100% Australian Honey, the honey was especially collected from the prestige areas of Kangaroo Island in South Australia which is well known for its flavour, aroma and also its health properties.

The honey packaged is mainly from Australian Eucalyptus species which is now well recognized as one of the most medicinal honeys in the world as proven by its: Prebiotic effect on the gut (reduced bowel cancer, anti-inflammatory effects) Low Glycaemic index(good for diabetic patients)

Anti-bacterial effects
Golden Bounty KI honey is also being currently explored in the development of new vaccines against diabetes and heart disease due to its high prebiotic effect (Flinders University-South Australia).

Manuka - we can supply all grades of MGO / UMF 

Honey - we can supply other varitites,  Blue Gum, Pure Honey.

Click here to purchase now, or email our team to export. 

Current packaging sizing:

    • 250g
    • 370g and 500g squeeze bottles
    • 1kg tub


Ease of ordering

Our highly experienced team is ready to take your order. With decades of exporting experience, shipping and documentation is seamless and your order arrives quickly, efficiently and safely.

Contact us to discuss your food and beverage requirements.

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